The SycGraphics Philosophy of Site Design

We at ScyGraphics have developed an philosophy of effective web design based on our experiences as web surfers and information gatherers, as well as from our experiences in design & marketing.

We build our sites to reflect these experiences.
We build sites that look good and don't take too long to load. Few things will make us leave a site faster than extreme download times. (Although ugly IS right up there)
We test every page in several different browsers. And never just the most recent version of any browser.
We know that many people don't update their browsers when a newer version comes out. And Netscape (or Opera, or Explorer, or...or...) isn't the only game in town. You want your site to be viewable and useful to the largest audience possible.
We take great care designing the navigation of your site, making sure your visitors can easily find what they want, and what you want them to see.

And when all is said and done, you're the boss. If you want specific things that may go counter to the above, we may try to offer alternative solutions, but hey... you're the boss. And the customer is always right. Right?

OK. how do we begin? And how much does it cost?

ScyGraphics uses a per-hour rate structure, which is $50.00 US per hour. At our initial meeting, by phone or at our offices, we will determine what it is you want included in your site, what materials you will provide (logos, pictures, ad copy, even complete layouts), and therefore what work we will need to perform, and give you an estimate.
If you have a budget limit, we will show you what we can produce within your budget. Even for limited budgets, we can produce a site you'll be proud of. And it can always be expanded over time. And changed as your business grows or changes focus.

As we begin work on your site, we publish it as a work-in-progress at a special URL to which we will give you the address. This way you can see your site as it grows, and tell us any changes you'd like as we go.

Then, when the site is completed and has your final approval, we e-mail you the bill, and, upon payment, publish the site to the URL you have specified.
If you have chosen to use professional site promotion, we contact the promotion team that the site is published and ready for them to work their magic. If you have elected to let ScyGraphics submit your site to search engines and directories, we will do that within a day of publishing it at your URL. This first submission is at no cost to you, and we will e-mail you a complete report. (Future submissions are $25.00 US, and we strongly recommend doing this every 4 to 6 weeks.)

That's it! Your website is a reality and you've become a part of the future of business!

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